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Rawge and Levi's
Custom Mini Chopper Information Site

During the past few years, mini choppers have become extremely popular. They have shown to be much more affordable than their bigger brothers and can be built in a small shop or garage by anyone with a few basic skills and tools. In the short time that these little bikes have been on the scene, they have been revealed in countless styles, colors, shapes and forms. Like the bigger choppers, creating a custom bike is not only a feat of mechanics, it is an art project as well. Style meets function and the result is a beautiful and workable machine. This web site is designed to bring together a collection of information about these new machines and to offer some assistance to the home builder (like me), including how-to information, links to parts suppliers, photos of home-grown bikes, and more. This is a great Father-son or Father-daughter project!


Mini Chopper Pictures
Pictures of our first mini chopper project
Thumbnail pics of the progression of our first chopper
Pictures of other mini choppers
Picture Gallery of visitor's awesome Bikes
Pictures of the second mini chopper project 
Thumbnail pics of the progression of our next chopper

Mini Chopper Builder's Information and Resources...
...So, you want to build a Mini Chopper - What do you need?

Plans, Scale Drawings, Etc...
Vendors that offer plans, drawings,  guidelines, etc
Custom Tank and Fender Painting
Custom paint for your mini chopper
Frames, Kits, Etc...
Several builders sell bare frames, rolling frames, and kits
Engines, Drive-trains, and Other Parts 
List of Parts Suppliers
Custom Dress-up Items
Items to turn your chopper  from plain into extreme
Speed and Performance Parts
Performance parts for  mini chopper engines and pocket bikes

Do-it-Yourself  "How to"  Information
Live Axle Information
Information about live axle and related components
Calculating Final Gear Ratio with Jackshaft
Online calculator to determine final gear ratio
Clutches, Sprockets and Top Speed  Calculator
Info about choosing sprockets to obtain the results you want
Dead Axle Information
Information about dead-axles and related components
Determining Jackshaft Sprocket Size and Speed
Calculator to determine top speed, sprocket sizes, etc with jackshaft
Torque Converter Info
Info about Torque Converters and their operation
Chopper Builders Online Handbook
Check out the section on Rake and Trail! A Great Resource!
Welding Resources  - Gas, Tig, Mig, Arc, 
Links to web sites, how-to articles, videos and books
Making a Mini Chopper Custom Seat (cheap!)
Pictures of the steps I used to make a cheap custom seat
Mini Chopper safety
Some thoughts about safety and links to safety related site
Choppers 101
A great online resource about frame building
Pipe Chart
Chart of pipe dimensions, OD, wall thickness, weight/foot, etc
Online Chopper Builder's Units Converter
Converts metric to English, angles, weights, lengths, etc
Rake and Trail
Info about how rake and trail affect your mini chopper








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