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Horseshoe Tournament 2001 Stats:
First Place team: Amanda  and Scott 
Second Place team: Rhonda  and Steve 
Special Trophy for the worst performance: Bryan Young (2 straight losses)
Best Of Show Hotwings: Bryan and Sherry Zettle with "Rebel Yell" (Congratulations Newlyweds!!)

Other wing favorites included Lousiana B-B-Q-wings, Hair of the Dog wings, Good Ole Mex, Double Trouble, Thelma and Louise wings to set you free, Wing Chung, Rasta Jerk wings, Wicked Chicken,  Pyro-Pollo, Lava Wings, Lovin' Wingfull, No-Name Wings, and Wingtopia. Let us know if we missed yours, as we are working from a hazy memory and we'd like to get all of the names into our records.

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The Color Guards Beer Garden Rawge and Rhonda Wing Time Mike and Tim eatin' wings Getting Instructions from Bryan
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Kim, Rhonda III, and Marge.. Jen telling fishing stories? It's a spectator sport, too "Tom, this is how we put the lime in it" Let's make Teresa wiggle "Come on, lets get this show on the road"
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It's all about style. ...and form... ...and determination... ... and luck... ...and grace... ...and delivery...
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...and training... ... and nice leggs... ...and designer fashions Hey! What are you looking at? Johanna and Dave Yes!!! Ringer!!
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"That's nothing! When I was pregnant with..." Frame it! It's an International Success "Well, Carl says..." "Look. I'm bigger than Rawge" Glug..Glug..Glug...
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"What? She asked me to fill in for her" Shannon and Mikey A dang good lookin' bunch Fish and Wildlife...and Fish Some new friends Who left the gate open and let an engineer in?
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Why do I put up with such attention? Just waiting their turn What Perv took this picture? Winners of the nicest smile catagory Honey...Make that scary man with the camera go away
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They couldn't resist A Constructed Wetlands reunion I smell 
T- R-O-U-B-L -E
Woody and Company  Rhonda and Christy More of Rawge's Sissy Garden Photos
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Steve won Double Ringer pot two years in a row Scott proves anyone can be a winner Bryan goes home with the "special" trophy "Rebel Yell"
hot wings
The Group The Dodge Project
(The whole story here)


Lets Play Horseshoes Instructional Video