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June 1, 2002

Well folks, we made it through another party. We had 44 people in the horseshoe tournament and over 80 people stopping by to enjoy the day. As in the past, we had near perfect weather! It was 100 F. three days before the event and over 100 F. a few days after the event. But on party day we were treated to a balmy 88 F spring-like day. Even with the large crowd, we are proud to say, except for a few roses, no one was hurt. Although we did lose a few horseshoes (any ideas??) We had some great wing recipes this year and we drank a ton of beer. Rhonda and Rawge want to thank everyone for coming and we hope you'll be back next year for more fun. Please email us to let us know what you thought of the party and don't forget to check out the great group photo at the bottom of the page. Next year we promise to remember to take the photo earlier before anyone goes home. The photos shown here are at 20% size and quality, so if any one wants one to print, let us know and we'll email the original.
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This year's Hot-wing contestants:
Fire in the hole, Wingtopia, Tastes like chicken, Ancient Chinese recipe, Captain Insane-o, Ass-id, Vanlandingham's Viagra Special, Tasteless wings, White's wings, Jalapeno wings and Rice, Delicious e-coli treats, Poultry free tangy cranberry, 'Mo Wings, Rebel Yell, Laker's Poison, Hangin' Ten,

First Place Horseshoe team:
Montie and Josh 

Second Place Horseshoe Team:
Steve  and Heather 

Double Ringer Pot winner ($155.00):
Steve "Lucky Boy" Scott

First Place Hot Wings
Brian and Sherry Zettle "Rebel Yell"


1.jpg (28147 bytes) 2002.jpg (51060 bytes) 11.jpg (388639 bytes) 55.jpg (265231 bytes) 13.jpg (56581 bytes)
Red White and Blue The T-shirt Wazzzz Uppp Heather prefers a "D"-sized shoe Is that Pabst Blue Ribbon?
14.jpg (64428 bytes) 15.jpg (53357 bytes) 16.jpg (32810 bytes) 17.jpg (51100 bytes) 18.jpg (40472 bytes)
Having a good time ...found a safe corner? A couple of cutie pies It's still a great spectator sport Christie and Rhonda
19.jpg (41365 bytes) 2.jpg (60188 bytes) 20.jpg (58666 bytes) 21.jpg (62802 bytes)  
Too close to call Damn, look at all those hot wings Dave and Steve Sherrie, Mark, Bryan, Steve , Olivia  
23.jpg (47749 bytes) 24.jpg (37789 bytes) 25.jpg (51303 bytes) 26.jpg (38508 bytes) 27.jpg (111693 bytes)
Dawn and Tim (and my missing 12 pack of Corona...hmmm) Oh Rawge, you're so funny Lisa S got the hang of it Debbie Tony and Tina
28.jpg (84942 bytes) 29.jpg (42022 bytes) 7.jpg (43008 bytes) 32.jpg (634781 bytes) 33.jpg (58612 bytes)
Taking it easy in the shade Steve talking BS about last year Ed and Jessica Spa View Cheers!!
34.jpg (50400 bytes) 35.jpg (74022 bytes) 36.jpg (80806 bytes) 37.jpg (79188 bytes) 38.jpg (24080 bytes)
Cedric, Rachel, Kimya, Chris Jessica and Ed in a moderately safe corner Pretty good form Shelby and fan club Rawge and fan club
39.jpg (134067 bytes) 40.jpg (77001 bytes) 42.jpg (120610 bytes) 43.jpg (109406 bytes) 44.jpg (65784 bytes)
Kim and Brian Z Mark's Form Jen's form Are my roses safe? DataQuick Babes
45.jpg (31411 bytes) 46.jpg (29409 bytes) 47.jpg (44539 bytes) 48.jpg (42462 bytes) 49.jpg (218250 bytes)
Nora and Sam 
(*Note- no high heels this year)
Babysitter's Club Engaged!! Sure.. you fell down the stairs! Came too late to play...Next year!!
5.jpg (136436 bytes) 50.jpg (632528 bytes) 51.jpg (166734 bytes) 52.jpg (221053 bytes) 53.jpg (1740823 bytes)
Sac-Yolo Bunch Damn drunks
Who ate all the peanuts??
Vhatt are you talking about?? Chris, Jessica, Ed Colette and Cedrik
a61.jpg (147923 bytes) 59.jpg (102164 bytes) 56.jpg (141548 bytes) Pit.jpg (363028 bytes) 58.jpg (184082 bytes)
Second Place winners Rebel Yell Hot Wings Double Ringer Winner The Hostesses with the Mostesses Patrick took home the "special" trophy
xxx.jpg (48868 bytes) w.jpg (102460 bytes) yyy.jpg (42380 bytes) Blkeyesusy.jpeg (20924 bytes) yy.jpg (166208 bytes)
Who let the dawgs out?? Ok, here's the rules... First Place winners Rawge's Sissy Flower Gardens The Group!!
minus a few that left too early


Lets Play Horseshoes Instructional Video
This Video Made Rawge What He Is Today!