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FLAG DAY June 14, 2003

Rawge and Rhonda's 2003 horseshoe tournament was a record breaking year. We had 48 people in the horseshoe tournament but there were 96 people stopping by to have fun! We really enjoyed seeing all the old friends and meeting all of the new folks.

If you took any photos, please send them to us so I can post them here. We missed quite a few people, so help us out.

Rhonda and Rawge want to thank everyone for coming and we hope you'll be back next year for more fun. A special thanks to everyone for taking the digital camera and video around and taking some great photos. Please email us to let us know what you thought of the party and don't forget to check out the great group photo at the bottom of the page.

Send us an
email here.


This year's Hot-wing contestants:
Fire in the hole, Wingtopia, Rebel yell, All Fired Up, Shock and Ahhhh!, Buffaloe Bat Wings, Easy-Goin' Slow-Burners, Nick's Rockin' Cock Wings, Covert Wings, "What you talking 'bout, Willis?" Wings, Wild Wings, Got Hooters? Wings.


First Place Horseshoe team:
Jay and Collette

Second Place Horseshoe Team:
Steve and Jennifer

Double Ringer Pot winner ($135.00):
Steve "Lucky Boy" Scott

Special Trophy for the Tournament's Underachiever

First Place Hot Wings
Kim and Lita "Shock and Ahhh!!!"


1.jpg (566621 bytes) 10.jpg (139054 bytes) 11.jpg (62443 bytes) 13.jpg (114242 bytes) 2003_14a.jpg (173147 bytes)
Steve, Nick, Anne, Alicia Kate's Form Rawge's Form Great Form  The "special" trophy doesn't scare Amy
15.jpg (124076 bytes) 16.jpg (121323 bytes) 17.jpg (54382 bytes) 18.jpg (116526 bytes) 19.jpg (100689 bytes)
Steve reporting his win to Rhonda the Pit Boss  Crowd Pleaser Damn dawgs get all the attention! Some instructions from the "Shock and Ahhh!!" Team Eric and Sally
2.jpg (83234 bytes) 20.jpg (64850 bytes) 21.jpg (64193 bytes) 22.jpg (224440 bytes) 23.jpg (126506 bytes)
Jeff and Laura A view of the "Farm Pits" Nora and Michelle Amy's Awsome Form Taking a break
24.jpg (106399 bytes) 25.jpg (99843 bytes) 26.jpg (97982 bytes) 27.jpg (87874 bytes) 2003_28a.jpg (321564 bytes)
Keeping it straight at the registration table Tellin' Stories Rawge and Nora The Neighbors The Beer wagon
3.jpg (137271 bytes) 4.jpg (103449 bytes) 5.jpg (133550 bytes) 6.jpg (72897 bytes) 7.jpg (75778 bytes)
The Dawg's rearing to go Kickin' back Just about to Start Hey Look at me!! Tatoos were everywhere
8.jpg (79674 bytes) 9.jpg (104934 bytes)   Blkeyesusy.jpeg (20924 bytes) group.jpg (642036 bytes)
No one bounced a shoe into my '49 Dodge C-Rose in the farm pits   Rawge's Sissy Flower Gardens The Group!!
(Minus the 10 or so that wouldn't leave the kitchin and the 20 or so that came late)

Lets Play Horseshoes Instructional Video
This Video Made Rawge What He Is Today!