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Over 85 people showed up for this year's party with 48 playing in the tourney.
First place winners - Patrick and Amy Stone
Second Place winners - Josh Collins and Tara Collins
Double-Ringer Award - Richard Crowe
Worst Player "Special" Trophy - Mike Gill
Best 'wings - Holly McClure's Thai me Up Wings.


A special thanks to Christy and Sandra for running the tournament and to Shelley for taking over 250 pictures (several of which were actually sharp enough to use).


New this year - We ware raising money for the Sierra Adoption Services. This service works to help foster-kids find loving permanent homes. We have pledged to raise $5,000. This group had a table at the event and were available to answer questions and take donations. We are proud to announce that the "Horseshoe Team" raised over $1000 at the tournament thanks to all of you generous people!!! Richard Crowe (Double-ringer winner) was generous enough to donate the $145 purse to the charity!!!

Many people mentioned to me during the day that they would like to make their donation online. We still need to raise $4000 more, so here is the web address. I'll update the web site as we receive new totals, so please check back to see how we are approaching our goal. 

How to Donate Online:
Visit the Sierra Adoption Services secure site by clicking HERE.
Type in your info and a big $$ amount.
Make sure to indicate that it is on behalf of the Rawge and Rhonda's Horseshoe Team. Let's raise $5000 and help these kids finds a fantastic home!

Email Rawge and Rhonda

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