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....And here are a few Random Pictures from Rawge's Flower Gardens.

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Dahlias are a "Must Have" for a summer garden They come in almost every color and pattern and are easy to grow If supported, they can grow tall enough to use in back If the stems are treated, they last a long time in a bouquet Verbena is an easy filler. It grows low and spreads quickly
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Callas are a great plant. There are many colors available The larger whites bloom in early spring, while others bloom later Day Lilies are my Favorites They come in every color imaginable They take little care and can survive on very little water
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Here is a delicate peach a white Autumn Red a ruffly wine Here is a bi-color red that I hybridized in 2003
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Another of mine and another.. and another.. and another.. My Best Creation so far. CLICK HERE to see my creations for 2004 and 2005
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Plant a few glads...

...and a patch of cheap zinnias.. ...and you can make bouquets all summer long Here is my favorite...A soft pink But a dark fire red is also hard to beat (isn't the light great in a greenhouse?)
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Black-eyed Susans are another great bouquet flower They are easy to grow, produce many stems, and come in several colors Old Fashioned single hollyhocks are a great one to have Some of their colors are intense, and they produce many blooms Mexican Paper Flower is easy to grow, and is odd enough to get some attention
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Alstromeria is another good one if you plan to make bouquets Scilla is a nice one if you plan to make early spring bouquets. It multiplies quickly A neighbor's  mother peahen and her chicks visited my gardens for a few days I have made and hung about 20 windchimes. Some really pretty ones and a few really ugly ones. This ugly one made from an old hubcap was about to be taken down, but it gained new respect when a dove nested inside it If you supply the right conditions in a water feature, you can get both frogs and toads. After the breeding season, they will leave the water and spend the summer and winter in your flower beds
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My water features are usually full of tree frog tadpoles. The frogs make for great photos. Desktop wallpaper available here The water gardens will also produce dragonflies. These insects will help keep mosquitoes and flies controlled. We usually have a few of these beautiful garter snakes prowling the gardens I have about 50 butterfly bushes and always have many fancy butterflies hanging around Here is a view of the front of the house. The lawns and gardens take a few hours per week to maintain
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But, the work is certainly worth the effort. I like to have some odd things in the gardens for interest. This goat's head gets attention As does the bird bath and the Great Blue Heron that I carved from a block of wood. View from my front door I put in a nice garden rocker, with a trickling water feature behind it. It is a nice place to relax
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I built a few garden benches from wood that was salvaged from an old horse fence. I joined the wood with mortise and tenon, so the pieces should outlive me. Here is a view of the back yard, leading to the spa and horseshoe pit area Over 40 different roses enclose the horseshoe pits This small pond adds a soft water-fall sound to the yard.. Water is pumped up into the bucket, through some media, and then trickles back into the pond Each year we cut many buckets of fresh flowers and take them to the convalescent homes so the old folks can make bouquets

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