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  Rawge and Levi's Chopper #2

We decided to take a different approach to bike #2. The first bike was an old-school chopper style and used a fat Golf-cart type rear tire and a Briggs and Stratton engine. The new bike will be more of a drag bike style and will be incorporating more motorcycle parts, including a motorcycle engine and transmission. Here's the plan and photos below.

  • The frame was built using slotted rear dropouts, rather than a setup for a live axle. We will be using a rear tire/rim and brakes from a CT70. Some of the parts are aluminum and should polish nicely.

  • Since the rear is slotted, we can mount the engine solid and adjust chain tension at the rear.

  • We will be using a new Honda 90 cc engine. This engine is 6+ hp, but only has less than 5 ft-lbs of torque. I am hoping that we can overcome this by using a 4-speed transmission. This way we can take off in a low gear, rather than the same gear ratio that you will be using at top speed. Also, this is a 12 volt engine with generator, so this bike can have lights. The engine is a 4-stroke, so we will fabricate a custom exhaust to get that whap, whap, whap, sound.

  • The forks and triple tree are also from an older small motorcycle. The rake was changed to approx 43 degrees, so the forks are probably too short, but if we can overcome this, we will have front suspension. 

  • Everything else will be "fabricate as you go", like the previous bike.

This is a "work In Progress", so I'll be adding pictures as the project progresses.



frame2.jpg (108589 bytes)

dropouts.jpg (187920 bytes)

reartire.jpg (131999 bytes)

Basic mini frame was built using slotted rear dropouts. The neck and triples are from a small motorcycle.  Close-up of rear dropouts. I will have to locate chain tensioners from an old  motorcycle  This is the 4x10" rear tire, rim, hub, and brake assy from a CT70. It has been painted and the aluminum hub has been polished. 
engine_2.jpg (75944 bytes) side1.jpg (167698 bytes) side.jpg (122285 bytes)
The Honda 90 cc engine and 4-speed transmission. It uses a #440 chain, which matches the rear sprocket from the Ct70. The engine weighs 50 lbs, which is about 10 lbs heavier than a 6 hp Briggs. 

You can buy a larger 7-hp, 110 cc like this one from BJ Racing for $485.00
Mention my name and they've agreed knock off $50 !!! 

The engine,  front end and rear wheel, and rear fender have been mounted.   This shows the bike with seat and tank mounted. The tank is from a Harley Sportster. The seat was made by us. You can see pics of the seat making process here.   We still aren't finished with it, but you can get the basic idea. 
rear.jpg (46261 bytes)  frame_painting.JPG (73532 bytes) chop_2_1small.jpg (63443 bytes)
The box between the rear of the engine and tire is for a battery. The fender brackets are welded to the frame, but the fender bolts to the brackets, so it is removable.  After getting it all built and tested, we stripped it back down for painting

(yes, that is a totem pole in the background,,,I need all the luck I can get)
The following pictures show  the complete bike. The tank and fender were painted by TomKat Graphics. He did an excellent job and is very reasonable. Check out his web site
chop_2_2small.jpg (61061 bytes) chop_2_3small.jpg (63149 bytes) chop_2_3small1.JPG (78499 bytes)
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