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 Rawge's Custom Mini Chopper
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His is a list of suppliers that make custom dress-up items for mini choppers.
These are the items that will set your bike apart from the rest. 

A custom mini chopper is not finished until you have a custom exhaust. Billet Creations offers a great do-it-yourself custom exhaust kit, that makes it very easy and looks great!. They also offer axle covers, handle bars and risers, etc. This is some cool stuff!! CRC Fabrication is a small shop that is turning out some great custom billet aluminum parts for your mini chopper. These parts range from real bearing cups for your frame to velocity stacks for the Briggs engines. 


BMI sells billet springer front ends, sissy bars, chrome fasteners, dummy coffin tanks, lights, custom exhausts and the wickedest billet wheels I've seen. Here's your chance to replace that spoke bicycle rim with a real chopper rim.  
Billet Creations   Barhorst Mfg, Inc