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 Custom Mini Chopper Picture Gallery

Here are some pictures of mini choppers that were sent to me by the builders from around the Country. There is an amazing amount of personalization and creativity that goes into these little machines. No two are alike! Even if you have never heard the word chopper and could care less about the monster garage mentality, you can not help but admire the artistry and mechanical ingenuity of these machines.

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This awesome chopper was built by Matt and Jason Freeman  from Warrensburg Missouri. Mat is a great guy and has a wealth of information and ideas. This Bike was built from the ground up by Terry in Louisiana. It has an 18 hp V-twin motor and a Comet 44-40 clutch. The paint is kandy apple red over shimrin gold with black ghost flames (House of Kolour). The frame sits just 2" above the ground! This is Terry's first bike. It used a 6 hp engine. The project combined the neck and triple tree off of a wrecked Suzuki 50 mini bike and front forks made from 1/2 inch pipe
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 This is a mini chopper trike project by Dave in Florida City, Florida. The trike has a 16 HP Briggs V-twin, a Comet clutch, and a differential rear end. 
Dave will send more pics as the project progresses

Manco chopper built by The Diceman. The neck was raked 3-1/2" and front forks stretched 2-1/2".A lot of chrome was also added. Here are few of his other custom projects - bar stool, the Sod-Father, and a turbo for a Briggs and Stratton

 Take a look at Ben Rou's hot chopper, "Arachnophobia" He built if from scratch. The project took 6 months. The bike has a hand-beat rear fender and tons of hand-bent round stock for the webbing. 
demonic.jpg (62265 bytes) seven.jpg (41274 bytes) finished.jpg (67229 bytes) gabe1.jpg (70820 bytes)
Bob Rocco in Las Vegas built this little old school chopper. He calls it "Demonic" The bike uses a genuine Harley frame, motor, and front end. You can see more pics here  Alan (Geordie) Sutton sent a photo of his chopper to show us how they do it down in New Zealand.  The bikes used an RM80 front wheel, RM 125 forks, RV 50 rear wheel and Suzuki tank. He designed seat and Exhaust. The engine is an old  Honda CG  125, old pushrod motor Gabe from Tucson, AZ built this sweet bike using parts from a number or sources - an old moped , an old Jamis bicycle, and a golf cart.  He bought a welder, snapped out a frame with a chalk line on the concrete  and started welding. The result was this great-lookin' bike that cruises  45 mph
chopper1.jpg (48488 bytes) steve2.jpg (22883 bytes) steve_maine_1.jpg (88810 bytes) blueflame.jpg (28263 bytes)
Marvin from California created this unique bike. Check out the cool frame. He built it from the ground up. Steve of Maine built his first chopper from an old junk Rupp Scrambler and some extra Harley parts he had laying around. Take a look at his second chopper! Street legal and 60mph.
Practice pays off!

Chuck from upstate NY, built this mini trike using a Kawasaki KLT-110 3-wheeler motor and frame. He built the tank, bars, fenders, chain guard, seat, brake pedal, foot pegs, forks and other custom pieces.

matt03.jpg (32076 bytes) mats_V_twin.jpg (24794 bytes) old_skool.jpg (21126 bytes) goliath.jpg (25676 bytes)
Matt in Nebraska has built several impressive mini choppers. He builds his bikes from the ground up, including custom wheels,  frames, sheet metal, handlebars, paint jobs and exhausts. He also built a red fire bike tribute to the 9-11 firefighters. The blue V-twin bike is his newest creation, featuring a custom 45 rake frame, Liffan 250 motor,  five speed tranny, and .JJ replica tank. matt made the bars, pipes, and the intake, and capped it off with candy blue paint and ghosted flames. This Old Skool chopper was built by Justin in N. California. 
He built the frame from scratch. It runs a Tecumseh 6hp electric start with functioning LED lights. The whole bike has a very functional appearance while still holding true to the old school look.
Justin also sells minichopper parts at
Check out "Goliath", built by Jeremy from California. It has a 12.5hp Vangaurd Briggs, Comet torque-a-verter, old skool springer front-end, 16" bars, and a 12" wide rear tire.  Other than the chrome, everything was fabricated and assembled in his garage. 
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Mark Neary of West Fargo, ND, built this great looking custom trike. He built the frame from scratch and then used a tech HM80 engine, a disc brake from a snowmobile, a solid rear axle that drives one wheel. It's geared rather tall and does around 50 mph. Sweet Home Alabama!

This custom bike was built by Richard Penner and his Dad in British Columbia. His brother David did all of the welding. The engine, is a Honda 135cc 4hp. and uses a centrifugal clutch  and jack shaft. The bike is 5'4" long. They finished it with a custom leather seat and clear alkyd enamel paint  mixed with copper powder. 

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This great bike was built by Lester in Mililani Hawaii. It has a Yamaha 80cc. motor and transmission, front and rear disc brakes, and a nice hydraulic front-end, custom seat and paint. It looks like it is a great riding bike. This cool bike was built by David W. in Columbia TN. It was made from scrap pieces, including an old tiller and some old bike parts. 

Creativity and Resourcefulness
in the heart of a chopper builder!

This is Ben Stewart's (Rapid City, SD) first bike. He built everything from the ground up, including the frame, tank, fender, forks, etc.  It has a 175cc 6 speed Yamaha engine. It  rides smooth and will go around 40 - 50 mph . Ben is in the process of making it street legal!!
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This chopper was built by Cody and his Grandfather in Ontario Canada. They built almost every piece from scratch, including the tank, fender, chain guard, seats, forks and exhaust. They built the frame to fit a lawn tractor wheel then added a sissy bar for that old skool look. The total cost for this bike was around a hundred dollars.
 It is quite a beast to ride!
Tim Pigeon in Riverside California sent some pics of his second mini chopper - The Red Sled. He built everything on this phat-tire chopper from scratch. The motor is a 6 hp Honda. This is Trevor's second bike. It has a Lifan 110cc motor with a 4 speed jockey-shift and manual hand clutch. He built  everything but the tank. It will do wheelies  and cruise at about 55 mph.
Picture067.jpg (26480 bytes) farmer.jpg (136591 bytes) dice1.jpg (321359 bytes)
Tyler and James  took some time during their senior year at college in Lubbock Texas  to build a couple of great springer choppers. They are now working on custom tanks and fenders.  This up-stretched chopper was built by 16-year old Trevor Farmer from Salem OR. Trevor  made his own forks and frame, and hand pounded the gas tank. He also used a lot of parts from a junkyard, including a horseshoe for fender mounts, scaffolding couplers for risers and rear wheel off an old tractor. David Cecil promised his daughter a mini chopper if she got all "A's" in school. Well, she did and he got busy building the "Rollin' Dice". The bike has a chromed-out 110cc Lafan. SS custom exhaust, BDL forward controls, Corbin ostrich seat and gold metal flake over H.O.K. Persimon Red Pearl paint. The Air Box looks like a Dice, including LEDs that light up when the brakes come on. 
phil.jpg (25562 bytes) WHMG_.jpg (19903 bytes) scotth.jpg (34335 bytes)
Phil Scoby in Austin, Texas, was surfin' the net and stumbled onto my web site. After checking out the photos he caught the chopper bug and jumped into his project.  His first bike, the "Hammered" chopper uses textured paint that looks like hammered metal.  It also has all of the other custom touches that yield a classic mini chopper.
Everyone is getting in on the mini chopper craze! Check out the Woodhead Mud Glide. It has all the classic chopper form - big front tire and low rear tire and check out those sweet apehangers!!
 This pair of bikes was built by Scott Hargis in Douglasville, Georgia. Both use Kawasaki kx60 forks on custom frames. The engines are both V-twins, with some serious performance upgrades, 10.5:1 forged pistons, .390 lift cam, porting/polishing, 15 degree advanced timing, etc. The engines dyno at 42hp @5800rpm.
 Imagine that on a 200 lb bike! 
cl.jpg (43723 bytes) tim.jpg (15163 bytes)  hubless1.jpg (124351 bytes)
This is the second bike built by Charles Lovitt in Homestead Florida. The frame is made from  1-inch polished stainless steel. The engine is a 11hp Briggs and it clocks at 63 mph. The bike has hydraulic front and rear brakes, headlight, front shocks, and other "Big Bike" features. A great bike built by Tim Kinnamon  in Seward, ILL...Tim has built 3 Mini choppers to date.  He put together a frame gig and started bending and welding. The most recent fat-tire bike features a 6.5 hp motor and a torque converter clutch, and is a blast to ride around the neighborhood.  The Hubless minichopper built by Chris Taylor and his son.

Stay tuned for more info and better pics of the finished product. 
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This little chopper was built by Mathew Wetterman  in Houston Texas. Mat is 16 years old and he built this bike from scratch, including the bending and welding. You can check out his web site at: This is a mini twin built by Jeff
"JESSE FLOYD" Wallace with some help from Glenn Gulledge, and Mike
Crawford  from North and South Carolina. They started with a Reaper frame and two 10 horse TECs. Check out the Edelbrock 4 barrel supplying the go juice to this mini
monster.  When they hit the burnout pits, they definitely draw a crowd!!!!
 Kelvin from Nottingham England  built this mini chopper almost entirely from scratch. It has a 50-inch wheelbase and 23-inch seat height, 13 inch wheels. The engine is a Honda type 125cc. Kelvin hand-made the  seat, engine plates, wheel hubs, exhaust, dummy oil tank,, battery box. etc. It rides and handles very well and is street legal.
Shane_alex_1.jpg (373830 bytes) allan_sutton.jpg (251220 bytes) mark_phillips.jpg (492312 bytes)
This great bike was built by Shane Alexander in Springdale, Arkansas. This was his first bike and it took about 3 months. It uses a Honda 5.5 h.p. engine and modified tourque converter for a top speed of 45 m.p.h.  Front forks and tank are off of an old Kawasaki found in a junk yard for twenty bucks. He  painted it with Dupli-color and proves that you can get a nice look from a rattle can!!


This is the Red Zeppelin built by Alan Sutton from New Zealand.  That is a 22" wide rear tire!! The bike is powerd by a Lifan  V 250.

Watch the test ride on Youtube

Mark Phillips from Mt. Airy NC (AKA Mayberry) built this custom mini trike a.k.a. the "Trikester". It took about six months to build. The trike includes a Briggs World Formula 16 1/2 HP engine, fiberglass rear fender, custom mirror stainless parts, springer frontend, harley controls. Click here to see some start-to-finish pics 
Justin miller of  Prescott valley Arizona received this bike in a box with no motor, busted frame, and many other missing parts. He put it back together adding his own custom paint. He fabricated and scavenged most of the other parts. He revived a ceased 70cc Lifan for the powerplant.

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