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 Rawge's Custom Mini Chopper Information Site

A great custom paint job can be the most expensive part of your mini chopper project. These bike artists can create amazing effects and transform a plain bike into a showpiece. I have also added a link for the do-it-yourselfers.  Please remember to mention to the vendors that ole Rawge sent you. 


Ecxess paint

Check out the award winning airbrush art offered by these talented artists. They offer tank and fender painting that will put your bike into a class of its own.
Check out their gallery and get a quote - You'll be surprised at the affordability of their incredible work.

For a quote or to discuss ideas, send email to Andre


TomKat Graphics

Custom Tank and Fender painting by Tom Cahall. Contact info available at his web site. Tom does great work and has very affordable prices! Before you decide that all custom paint is too expensive, contact Tom and get a quote.

Street Buggies in Corning Iowa offers custom tank, bike, and helmet painting. Check out their work at

They offer Flames, Kandy's, Pearls, in both  House of Kolors & Diamont brand paints


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  Comet Torque Converter $149.00               Clutch/brake lever  $8.99                            

             Briggs 5.5 hp $209.00
             Centrifugal Clutch   $22.99

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